Last year I started a progression of blog entries about my theology shifting, and promised to write more about that. Right after that I fell in love with the coolest girl ever and my life has started to change in accordance. Theology couldn’t hold my attention while I was in the throes of young love. […]


On the topic of becoming an engineer, I’ve had some serious encouragement lately. I attribute most of my encouragement to prayer and busting my tail in studying. But conversations with friends have also been huge. Talking with non-engineers, people generally assume that I’m smart because I’m studying aerospace engineering (rocket science jokes and all). But […]


Last night I went to hear some live music with a friend. Early in the evening I watched TV for a little while. There was a weather advisory scrolling across the bottom of the screen about tornados in another county. I never did see my county listed, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. […]