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Home Theater PC

When Liz & I got married, one of her best friend’s from college bought us the TV that we registered for as a wedding gift. Having this fantastic 42″ TV is just awesome, but we agreed that we didn’t want to pay for satellite or cable, so we’re using a regular rabbit antenna to receive local over-the-air stations. Generally speaking its great (caught every college football game that I wanted to see, in HD quality, no problem), but I missed being able to record shows and pause live TV. So we determined a budget and I started plotting to get a home theater PC.

I ended up researching this for more than two months. I had to stay within a budget of $500, and the completed solution had to handle four things:

  • DVR to record TV (preferably with dual tuners)
  • Play DVD’s (and eventually Blu-ray)
  • Netflix streaming
  • Internet TV (YouTube, Hulu, Boxee, etc)
  • One single remote to handle everything

In other words, I want it all. If I’m going through the expense and trouble of setting this up, I want one box (and one remote) that handles everything.

Armed with my list of requirements, I started researching. I looked at everything, and I mean everything: a homebuilt PC running Linux and MythTV, a Mac Mini with Front Row and eyeTV, hacking an XBox 360 or PS3 to act as a DVR, Tivo, Windows running Sage TV or Windows Media Center… For each of these, I looked at capabilities and limitations, new and used prices, searching forums for common problems. My spreadsheet to keep track of all of this was becoming increasingly complex, and I was losing hope that this was possible.

For Christmas I got a gift certificate and a little bit of money, which made my budget a little higher. I’ve now ordered the components, put it all together, and it works. It. Is. Amazing. Here’s my setup.

The total cost of the hardware was $618 shipped, but the gift certificates and cash that we got for Christmas kept our out of pocket expenses below our $500 mark.

Installing the TV tuner was a snap, literally 20 minutes from start to watching TV via my computer. Add another 10 minutes to get Netflix downloaded and configured, and the entire process is done in less than an hour. Everything works.

Over the air TV: comes in HD quality, strong signal, no issues at all. We get 9 channels and they’re all great quality. Once in a while the screen gets pixelated while decoding the signal, but I haven’t seen this last more than 2 seconds, and its happening less than once a week. Recording one show while watching another, or recording two things at one time works perfectly. Media center handles the guide for us, so we can always see the show that we’re watching, what’s on next, etc.

Play DVDs: nothing to say here really, it works better than my 10 year old DVD player. Its flawless.

Netflix streaming: this is my favorite so far. We’re on the $16/mo plan, for which we get 2 DVD’s at a time, and we can watch all the streamed movies we want. I have about 75 movies or TV shows in our instant queue, which means that within 2 minutes I could be watching any one of them. The image quality and sound are excellent, and pause/forward/rewind works just as you’d expect. I love it. LOVE IT!

Internet TV: Hulu & YouTube work great, just as they do on your computer. I haven’t set up Boxee yet, but I plan to at some point.

Transitions: It is super easy to switch between live or recorded TV, Netflix or a DVD. The remote control makes it a snap. The menus are intuitive and the interface is attractive and easy to read.

I have to say, this project has turned out better than I expected. I have everything that I want, I haven’t sacrificed anything, other than a high cable or satellite bill.

Less is More

If you read my Twitter or Facebook updates then you may already know that I’m selling some of my guitar equipment. Earlier this week I listed all of my effects pedals. People keep telling me not to sell my guitar or amp, that later I’ll be sorry. I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking and praying through it, and I’m pretty confident that I’m going to sell the whole lot of my gear, with the exception of my acoustic guitar. I’m just not playing anymore, and I’m not really interested in playing in the short term. I do think that I’ll be in a band again someday, but that could be next year or 20 years later. I’m also cancelling my Netflix account and downgrading my cell phone plan.

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