Are There PID Controllers in Data Science?

A while back I went to a data science meetup, and the presentation was on how an analyst solved his problem with a PID controller. As an engineer I’m well familiar with PID controllers. I spent a lot of time studying them in school. The problem in this scenario was optimizing the amount and cost […]

Gene Kranz

Image via Wikipedia Tonight Gene Kranz, the famed NASA mission controller played by Ed Harris in Apollo 13, came to speak at UT and I was able to make it. I went with low expectations because I didn’t know much about him other than what I had seen in the movie, and just wow. This […]

Burt Rutan Speech

In the process of doing some research for a project on campus, I came across this speech that Burt Rutan made back in Feb of 2006. Rutan has been a hero of mine for a long time. This speech is pretty encouraging, and exciting. I don’t agree with every single point that he makes, but […]

NASA’s Mistake

Um, I can’t let this go without comment. Yesterday NASA’s administrator, Michael Griffin, was interviewed by USAToday. In that interview, he admits that the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station are mistakes. I completely agree. This is the best move NASA has made in 30 years. The Space Shuttle program is a failure. The […]

Return To Space

Lots of buzz in the space realm lately. NASA announced last week that they plan to resume shuttle opps in May with a Discovery launch, and that’ll be followed by an Atlantis launch in July. This is good news for America. NASA has taken a backseat to everyone over the past couple of years. Since […]