Sweetwater Texas

Image via Wikipedia I have believed for a long time that high energy prices would ultimately be good for the American economy. I generally keep an ear to the ground for new developments in renewable energy technology, and new products that take advantage of alternative energy sources. I recently learned of a small town that […]

Understanding the Meltdown

My brain has been spinning a lot of cycles on our great nation’s economic downturn. I’ve come across a couple of things that have helped me understand what’s going on economically. Maybe they’ll help you, too. First, the blog The Baseline Scenario has a lot of great explanations and a healthy dialogue about what has […]

Are High Gas Prices Good?

Two years ago I wrote a couple of essays in which I argued that high gas prices would produce some positive changes for America, as people get tired of paying at the pump and begin to look for alternative solutions to our energy needs. Two years is enough time for changes to begin to occur, […]