Remember me posting a few weeks ago about how disciplined I was while studying during the gorgeous spring weather? Well, I have four finals this week and my brain is not engaging. I spent all day yesterday solving equations, and it was really good. Today, I am vapid and unfocused. I’m headed to the library […]

Semester Recap

Finals are done. My semester is done. One year of school, done! Woo Hoo! I had four final exams this semester. The first three (AutoCAD, American History & Intro to Aerospace Engineering) went really well. I’m certain that i aced the AutoCAD exam, and I felt very good about the History and Aerospace exams. Calculus […]

Catch-Up Post

Its the end of the semester here. 4 final exams to go, then I’m done. And this marks the end of my first year back at school. I’ll give a short recap of the semester here, and give a full debriefing within the next couple of weeks. Calculus went much better this semester. Believe it […]