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Less is More

If you read my Twitter or Facebook updates then you may already know that I’m selling some of my guitar equipment. Earlier this week I listed all of my effects pedals. People keep telling me not to sell my guitar or amp, that later I’ll be sorry. I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking and praying through it, and I’m pretty confident that I’m going to sell the whole lot of my gear, with the exception of my acoustic guitar. I’m just not playing anymore, and I’m not really interested in playing in the short term. I do think that I’ll be in a band again someday, but that could be next year or 20 years later. I’m also cancelling my Netflix account and downgrading my cell phone plan.

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I’m Wealthy

I’ve been minding my finances over the past several months. The local Ferrari dealership doesn’t have my name on their Christmas card list, if you know what I mean. I’m not poor, by any stretch of the imagination, but I also wouldn’t describe myself as loaded.

Turns out I’m wrong, when measured on a worldly scale. Judging by only the income that I reported on my 2005 taxes, I’m well within the top 10% of worldly incomes. You can see where you are on this list, here.

This website has a very interesting perspective, which I agree with. They state that we gauge how rich we are by looking up at those that have more than we do, which makes us feel poor. That’s a very smart perspective, in my humble estimation.

On a related note, I’ve been thinking of my spending lately. A recent trip to the dump made me start thinking of my possessions. I would venture a guess that out of all the things I own (sports equipment, consumer electronics, furniture, cars, music instruments, etc), there are maybe one or two items that will not end up in a landfill before I pass. The takeaway has been that I’m spending literally thousands of dollars per year on consumable items (other than food) that will end up in a dump within the next decade.

All of this is pretty convicting. I’m pretty clear on the fact that my life is not about me, but you’d never know it if you looked at my checkbook ledger.