Understanding the Meltdown

My brain has been spinning a lot of cycles on our great nation’s economic downturn. I’ve come across a couple of things that have helped me understand what’s going on economically. Maybe they’ll help you, too. First, the blog The Baseline Scenario has a lot of great explanations and a healthy dialogue about what has […]


Way back in February, I posted about some words that I had learned, and I gave one word that I couldn’t find a definition for: somaticize. Yesterday Karen from Austrailia saved me. Somaticise is to believe mistakenly that an emotional pain is a physical sympton. This occurs often in alexithymic individuals who are devoid of […]

One Channel

For the past year we’ve had satellite TV at our place. That ended on Thursday afternoon, when it was disconnected. I fully supported the decision to unplug, TV is a time vacuum. I’ve been claiming for years that The Simpsons is the only show that I watch regularly, but that isn’t the truth. Over the […]