Call Spam Solutions

Since my last post on call spam earlier this year I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching this issue and possible solutions. Since I’m getting several robocalls per week (sometimes several per day), I’ve also tried a handful of different strategies for dealing with them. Why They’re Calling I think I’ve figured out how […]


One of my project this summer was to find collaboration tools for my office to use. We had been Groove for the past couple of years, but it had two things going against it. First, its expensive. Enough said on that point. Second, when Microsoft took over the product, they clipped it capabilities because they […]


Engineers have to model stuff before they build it, as a way of testing the design before a lot of time & money are spent on the project. So I was doing a web search for open-source software that can be used for modeling. Well what’s the one modeling tool that every American has used? […]