Washington Wedding

We returned from Seattle late last night, and man what a trip. I loved everything about it. The weather was perfect. It did rain, but nothing serious, and the sky opened for warm sunny days on both Saturday and Sunday. The terrain is incredibly beautiful. The people are friendly. The whole weekend was amazing. And […]


I’ve always liked guns. I think I got my first BB gun when I was 8 or 9, and I had a pellet gun soon after that. When I was in junior high my friends and I would go hiking with a .22 long rifle and shoot holes in stumps, cans, whatever. When my brother […]

The Good Life

This past weekend was pretty great. My friends Doug and Meg got married on Saturday, and I got to be an usher in their wedding. I’ve known Doug for 10 years, and I’ve been close to he & Meg since they started dating, and it has been really clear from the start that they adore […]

Much Rejoicing

Something came over me this past weekend, and I feel the need to reconnect with my past. I’m excited because in just one week I have successfully contacted two of my old friends from high school that I had lost touch with for a couple of years. Its been way too long since I’ve seen […]