I recently blogged about the possibility of forgiveness as an event. As it happens, I’ve also come across notes that I wrote on this subject a couple of years ago. Here they are with only minor edits for readability. Forgiveness is something that I’ve struggled with quite a bit as an adult. I’m generally an […]


Last year I started a progression of blog entries about my theology shifting, and promised to write more about that. Right after that I fell in love with the coolest girl ever and my life has started to change in accordance. Theology couldn’t hold my attention while I was in the throes of young love. […]


I’ve been going through this transition and growth period over the past six months, and throughout this time I’ve been praying for a venue to practice what I’ve been learning. About six weeks ago I was talking about some of this stuff with a friend, and she got excited and said that she’s been going […]


I have indicated a number of times over the past months that my spiritual life has been in flux. Over the past couple of years I have developed a distorted, or handicapped view of my relationship to Christ, though I don’t fully understand how that happened, other than complacency on my part. My relationship to […]