Sweetwater Texas

Image via Wikipedia I have believed for a long time that high energy prices would ultimately be good for the American economy. I generally keep an ear to the ground for new developments in renewable energy technology, and new products that take advantage of alternative energy sources. I recently learned of a small town that […]


So I’ve been blogging about gas prices and the state of American automakers lately. I haven’t yet addressed one of the solutions that GM has proposed. Ethanol, or E85. Chevy and GMC are labeling their trucks, and some cars as well, as flexible-fuel vehicles, meaning that they can run on either unleaded gasoline or E85. […]

Are High Gas Prices Good?

Two years ago I wrote a couple of essays in which I argued that high gas prices would produce some positive changes for America, as people get tired of paying at the pump and begin to look for alternative solutions to our energy needs. Two years is enough time for changes to begin to occur, […]

High Gas Prices Are Good For America – Part II

In part one of this series of posts, I explained that I am against our government intervening with the rising prices at the pump. But, that isn’t my main point. I really believe that high energy prices will be beneficial for America. Before I get started with this line of thought, let me address a […]

High Gas Prices Are Good For America – Part I

There has been a lot of fuss about high gas prices lately. The buzz is all over the media, I’ve heard talk show hosts, read articles in the paper, and seen clips of congressmen speaking out against this lately. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit, myself. After much thought, I believe high gas […]