Gene Kranz

Image via Wikipedia Tonight Gene Kranz, the famed NASA mission controller played by Ed Harris in Apollo 13, came to speak at UT and I was able to make it. I went with low expectations because I didn’t know much about him other than what I had seen in the movie, and just wow. This […]

Space Elevator

In one of my classes I was assigned the task of writing a feasibility study of an engineering project with a team of students. My team chose to write our document on the space elevator. It was really fun, this project is ambitious, but after reading and writing on this subject for the past six […]

NASA’s Mistake

Um, I can’t let this go without comment. Yesterday NASA’s administrator, Michael Griffin, was interviewed by USAToday. In that interview, he admits that the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station are mistakes. I completely agree. This is the best move NASA has made in 30 years. The Space Shuttle program is a failure. The […]


Yesterday was the greatest day of my year, I went flying with a buddy of mine. We’ve been talking about going for a couple of months, and it finally happened. He rented a Piper Cherokee and we flew to Houston and back. YEEE HAW!!! Its been four years since I last flew, and I had […]

Return To Space

Lots of buzz in the space realm lately. NASA announced last week that they plan to resume shuttle opps in May with a Discovery launch, and that’ll be followed by an Atlantis launch in July. This is good news for America. NASA has taken a backseat to everyone over the past couple of years. Since […]