Are There PID Controllers in Data Science?

A while back I went to a data science meetup, and the presentation was on how an analyst solved his problem with a PID controller. As an engineer I’m well familiar with PID controllers. I spent a lot of time studying them in school. The problem in this scenario was optimizing the amount and cost […]

Aim Bigger

Over the past few years I’ve done quite a bit of research on A/B testing. Initially I wanted to understand how to apply them within my own work. I quickly became interested in designing tests and interpreting results in various scenarios. Then I wanted to understand the math behind them. Then I really geeked out […]

Protect Your Privacy

Last month I shared my concern about our diminishing privacy. Now I hope to share some ideas about how you can protect yourself. The key is encryption. Below I’ll give practical steps that you can take. I’ll cover a lot of different areas, I recommend doing as much of this as you’re comfortable with. The […]

Smoked Chicken

I got a smoker as a gift recently, so this summer has been fun with trying new recipes. Over the next few months I’ll post recipes that we’ve enjoyed. This one is for smoked chicken. Dry Rub ¼ cup brown sugar ¼ cup sweet paprika 3 tbsp kosher salt 1 tbsp ground pepper 1 tbsp […]

14 Free (as in beer) Data Mining Books

I was doing some research on an algorithm this morning and came across a new book that I wasn’t aware of. That prompted me to look for more. The list of what I came up with is below. Each of these is free-as-in-beer, which means you can download the complete version without expectation for anything […]


I recently blogged about the possibility of forgiveness as an event. As it happens, I’ve also come across notes that I wrote on this subject a couple of years ago. Here they are with only minor edits for readability. Forgiveness is something that I’ve struggled with quite a bit as an adult. I’m generally an […]