Hi. This is the personal blog of Chris Leonard. I’m an engineer, husband, analyst, father, musician and a lot of other things, too. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I don’t.

On any given day, being outside is preferable to being inside. I make my living at a computer, but if I sit at one for too long I start to forget that I’m a human being. I need to feel the sunshine and wind regularly. So its good that my hobbies include stuff that happens outside, like hiking, cycling, water skiing, etc.

I spent a fair amount of my free time writing code. The languages I work with most frequently are Python & R, though I’ve spent a fair amount of time with PHP as well. I also enjoy studying & practicing statistics. I guess I like damned lies.

I accept Jesus Christ as my savior. If you read my blog you’ll see that my experience with the church has been in transition. I don’t always know what to make of the church, but I don’t have any question about who Jesus is and why I want to be associated with him. Jesus is awesome, his followers are sometimes questionable.

You can find me on Twitter. @lenwood