Smoked Chicken

I got a smoker as a gift recently, so this summer has been fun with trying new recipes. Over the next few months I’ll post recipes that we’ve enjoyed. This one is for smoked chicken.

Dry Rub
¼ cup brown sugar
¼ cup sweet paprika
3 tbsp kosher salt
1 tbsp ground pepper
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp cayenne pepper

This makes a lot of rub, so either save it for later (trust me, you’re going to want to make this again) or cut these amounts in half. Also, don’t worry about the chili & cayenne, the flavor wasn’t hot.

The Smoking
The night before you cook the chicken, trim the fat as desired and put the rub on. When ready to cook, place the bird breast-side-down (looks upside down to me) in your smoker. Set the oven to 230 °F (110 °C), and you’ll cook until the internal temperature is 165 °F (74 °C). When done, wrap the chicken in foil and rest for 30 minutes breast-side-up.

This makes meat that is moist, tender and full of flavor. I used hickory for smoke, and it was just fantastic. Next I think I’ll try mesquite.