Understanding the Meltdown

My brain has been spinning a lot of cycles on our great nation’s economic downturn. I’ve come across a couple of things that have helped me understand what’s going on economically. Maybe they’ll help you, too.

First, the blog The Baseline Scenario has a lot of great explanations and a healthy dialogue about what has happened and what will come of the stimulus package. I’ve become a daily reader.

I also just came across a video that does a great job of explaining how the banks came undone last fall. Crisis of Credit explains it visually and in easy terms.

I also have Frontline’s Inside the Meltdown on my Tivo, I plan to watch it sometime this week. I may post more thoughts here after I’ve had a chance to watch it.

One reply on “Understanding the Meltdown”

  1. Inside the Meltdown is a very good documentary. After seeing the documentary, I saw an interview with the producer on Charlie Rose. The producer said that he had no idea how crazy the bank situation was last year until he started his research and interviews. It is frightening.

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