Less is More

If you read my Twitter or Facebook updates then you may already know that I’m selling some of my guitar equipment. Earlier this week I listed all of my effects pedals. People keep telling me not to sell my guitar or amp, that later I’ll be sorry. I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking and praying through it, and I’m pretty confident that I’m going to sell the whole lot of my gear, with the exception of my acoustic guitar. I’m just not playing anymore, and I’m not really interested in playing in the short term. I do think that I’ll be in a band again someday, but that could be next year or 20 years later. I’m also cancelling my Netflix account and downgrading my cell phone plan.

This is all the culmination of more than a year of thought and prayer on the matter. No, I’m not broke, and whether its dumb luck or the grace of God my job is secure for now. I also have some savings (of course I’d be glad to have more). I think the real issue is that I’m just tired of having all of this stuff, and I’m tired of seeing all of this money go out. Why hang on to an instrument that I’m not playing? Just so it’ll be there if I ever get the urge to play again? Its now been more than a year, how much longer am I supposed to wait for it?

At the moment, the thing that’s the most exciting to me is getting a fair price for my guitar and amp. Someone else will love them as much as I have, and I’ll have a few extra dollars in savings. Between that and my lowered monthly expenses I’ll have a few more inches of margin in my budget. And if the urge to be a rock star ever rises again, I’ll practice my face melting solos on an acoustic. If that gets old then I’ll go buy another guitar and amp.

It doesn’t even really feel like I’m giving anything up. Quite the opposite, it feels like I’m being smart.

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  1. There is nothing better than the feeling of getting rid of STUFF. It is freeing. Even the simple act of going through my closet and pulling out clothes I don’t wear anymore and donating them is a great feeling for me. I’m amazed at how much I collect and I’m not even a buyer of lots of things…this is why many of the walls in my home are still bare. I have a hard time deciding what is necessary and what isn’t. Plus the time it takes to find those things…I confess I’d rather be spending that time and money on a sushi dinner or a massage. Lastly, another reason getting rid of stuff feels so good to me is that it becomes one less thing that collects dust and I have to clean. I hate cleaning but love a clean home. Well, I could go on and on here and didn’t intend for my comment to be so long. Basically, I agree with you and cheer you on my friend! Happy selling the guitar and amp!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Jan! I promised Mark Simoneau that I’d jam with him once before I sell it, so it’ll be a couple of weeks before I list it on Craigslist, but I’m definitely looking forward to having it out of my bedroom. A sushi dinner sounds like the perfect way to celebrate!

  3. hey chris, i fully support your cleansing efforts! i enjoy living with minimal luxuries as well. the meaning of luxuries changes over time, but living in a small space really helps! good luck with getting a fair price.


  4. Some of the ancient rabbis said that if have more than stuff than can fit on the back of a camel, you have too much stuff. For me it’s still a 5 x 10 U-Haul trailer.

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