A few weeks ago I wrote about my pinched nerve, and even a subsequent trip to the doctor. Sigh, the pain has continued. During the day I’m moving around enough that its annoying but tolerable. Unfortunately, the most uncomfortable position is laying down. By now you can see the direction this is heading.

Its difficult to sleep with this pinched nerve. It doesn’t matter if I’m on my side, back or stomach, when I’m horizontal the pain in my arm is awful. The muscle tissue is really sore and tender, as if I had been frogged really hard. For the past couple of weeks I have a hard time going to sleep before 2am, and the pain wakes me around 6:30am. Blech. Five hours of sleep is not enough.

I went to a different doctor this past week, and he recommended physical therapy. My first session was this past Monday, and even though we didn’t get very far in treatment it has already helped. I’m glad, I’m ready to be free of pain and sleeping through the night again.

I haven’t really begun training for the duathlon yet because I don’t want to irritate my nerve, but I’m going to have to pick that up soon, too. Gotta beat Scott.

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  1. Hey! Don’t know if you’ll get this since it’s from an older post, but wondering how your training is going?!? When Stephen was training, I would run past him and do the Friesen laugh It seemed to work. =) Good luck to you both!

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