Dirty Duathlon

For the past few months I have felt the need to take up regular exercise again. I can feel myself slipping. The amount of energy that I have to take on the day is slipping, and that’s just not very cool. I think the pinched nerve in my neck could be indicative of my lack of regular exercise. At the beginning of the summer I talked with my buddy Scott about the possibility of having a bet tied to a fitness goal. We had a similar bet last summer and it was great, it worked for both of us. Last week we finally revived the bet.

We’ve agreed to compete in the Dirty Duathlon. We haven’t yet agreed to what’s at stake, but it’ll be awesome for the winner and painful for the loser. I have to say, it took too long to get to this point, and it feels good to have some motivation to get off my duff. Hopefully I’ll be a few pounds lighter (and faster) within the next couple of months. Training starts tomorrow. Game on.

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