Doctor Visit

This morning when I woke up my arm was still bugging me. This morning marks four days in a row, that qualifies for a doctor visit. Its been so long since I’ve been to see a doctor that I no longer have a primary care physician, so I called my insurance company today to help me find one. I told them I wanted the closest one to my house, and they connected me with a general practitioner that’s probably in his 70’s. He was cool, he checked me out, answered all of my questions, asked about my family’s medical history, etc.

Toward the end he said, “I don’t see a ring, are you married?” I answered “No sir, but I’m taken.” He then asked me “do you like women or men?” I told him women. “Well all right, we’ll get along just fine then.”

If I were gay I’d probably be offended, but I think this is kind of funny. I mean that he didn’t feel any need to be politically correct. I kind of wish I had answered differently just to see what he would have said.

He wrote me two prescriptions. They’re the first that I’ve had in nearly ten years. Here’s hoping that they do the trick! During the day the pain is a nuisance but I can deal with it. At night it either keeps me awake or wakes me up, which is unbearable. I’m ready for a full night’s sleep.