200+ MPG

Its been too long since I’ve written. I’ve had a few posts rattling around in my head for weeks, but no time. Such is the life of a working student.

My mind is still consumed by fuel efficiency and energy consumption. I’ve had a handful of great conversations with other engineers, there are definitely some very cool ideas out there to bring the consumption rate of your daily driver up into the triple digits. And then, Volkswagen busts out with a 235 MPG car.

How? By rethinking everything that robs energy from a car in motion. Weight is reduced by having a carbon fiber body. Aerodynamic drag is reduced through tandem seating. It has a tiny 1 Liter engine with hybrid drive.

Is it ugly? You bet! Is it expensive? And how! Fortunately for you, it will save more than enough money to compensate for these annoyances. Assume you drive 1,000 miles per month, and you get about 22 MPG (like me). Getting one of these babies will do the same job as your car, and you save about 40 gallons of gas per month. Your neighbor with a Prius will be green with envy.

While I’m here, Obama recently recommended that we reduce our dependency on foreign oil by keeping our cars tuned and our tires inflated. Time magazine even backed him up with some favorable numbers. McCain bandwaggoned himself into the conversation. In the interest of time I’ll be succinct, you’re all idiots, and this plan is asinine. Of course it will save fuel, but once again it ignores the larger need for more fuel efficient cars. I have a much better idea. Lets apply our knowledge of science and physics and design a car that is more efficient.

Props to Chevy for ponying up a car that people are lining up for, the all electric Chevy Volt. Its cool to see American companies contributing.

As usual, there is more to say, but I don’t have the time to say it. I have a final exam in the morning, and that test isn’t going to take itself.