Washington Wedding

We returned from Seattle late last night, and man what a trip. I loved everything about it. The weather was perfect. It did rain, but nothing serious, and the sky opened for warm sunny days on both Saturday and Sunday. The terrain is incredibly beautiful. The people are friendly. The whole weekend was amazing. And the wedding was a blast.

The bride & groom hosted the wedding party. The bridal party stayed in a gorgeous bed & breakfast planted in the middle of a forest. I didn’t spend much time there, but it looked like something out of a children’s book. The groom’s party, and by extension me, stayed in a house right on Puget Sound. The bay was literally 5 feet away from our back door. When you’re this close to the water fireworks are practically implied, so we picked up some bottle rockets, M-100’s and roman candles. We had a blast (pun intended) exploding the bottle rockets and M-100’s under water. We’d tape an M-100 to a rock, light it and throw it into the bay. At night you can see the explosion under water and you hear the muffled “boom”. I don’t care if you’re 3 or 60, this never gets old. Ever.

The wedding ceremony was held in a small church in Port Gamble. The church was built in the 1870’s and holds a maximum of 160 people. That’s exactly how many people were there. The service was short, I think we were out within 20 minutes. The minister is one of Blythe’s cousins, and I thought she did a great job. She was short and to the point, and Christ was definitely part of the focus. It was a beautiful ceremony. Liz read a passage during the service, so we got to sit on the front row. I muted my camera and turned off the flash so that I could take pictures without disturbing anyone.

Then we walked a couple of blocks to a pavilion for the reception, and holy cow was this party a blast. I met some of Liz & Blythe’s classmates, which was pretty cool. The area and the weather were tailor made for perfect pictures. I heard someone quip that the bride & groom must both be virgins to earn such extraordinary weather. They had an open bar, you had to show an ID to partake. They didn’t discriminate, even the bride’s mother had to show her ID.

On Sunday we woke up early so that we could tour the Boeing plant. Boeing’s Future of Flight is a tour of the Everett production line, and its pretty cool. They actually take you on a tour of the manufacturing lines for their 747, 777 and the new composite 787 models. They give quite a bit of info on the new technology that makes these monster jets possible. I was already familiar with everything they said, so I’ll count this as evidence that I’m getting a high quality education. I have to say, its quite impressive to stand next to a full size model of the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000. It was painful to get up at 5:15 to make the ferry in time for this, but it was definitely worth it.

All in all, it really was a fantastic trip. In the past two months I’ve been to Tempe Arizona, Murfreesboro Tennessee and now Bainbridge Island Washington. I have thought that each place was both beautiful and fun. I can honestly say that the north Washington area is my favorite of these three places. While we were driving through the forests yesterday morning we mentioned a hiking trip in Olympic National Park. I already can’t wait.