We’re in Washington this weekend to celebrate marriage with our friends Joe & Blythe. We flew into Seattle on Thursday morning, and we are having a great time. When we arrived we went straight to the Pike Place Market. We got lunch at a deli that overlooks the bay, then walked through the market to check out all of the shops. The fish and produce were all gorgeous. There were lobster tails the size of a thermos, and literally the largest salmon steaks and filets that I’ve ever seen. The original Starbucks is highly overrated in my estimation. After walking through the market we still had time to kill so we went to the Seattle Art Museum, and they had some cool stuff. I was only allowed to take pictures in the entryway, fortunately they had a really cool exhibit out.

The wedding is on Bainbridge Island, so that’s where we’re staying. We got to ride on the ferry to get out here, and man is that fun. I think the ferry probably holds over a hundred cars, and the upper decks have plenty of comfortable seating. The view is incredible, snow capped mountains and evergreens and tall clouds. But there are several other large ships in the bay, float planes flying over, my head was on a swivel trying to see everything. I’m sure its mundane for the locals that have to take the ferry every day, I loved it.

Then we got to the island and OH. MY. GOSH. This place is unbelievably gorgeous. Tall trees surrounded by lush undergrowth, wildflowers everywhere. The forest is so dense that you can’t see through it, ever. The roads twist and curve through the trees, which makes driving fun. It reminded me of riding in the car with my Dad on road trips when I was a kid. Once again my head was on a swivel.

The place that I’m staying is right on the bay. I mean there are five feet between the back door and the water. The Seattle skyline is in the background and there’s a continuous stream of ships going back and forth. This morning the sky is clear enough to see Mt. Rainier in the background.


I love Austin. If I ever leave, and I’m not suggesting that I will, Seattle will be on the short list. I could totally see living here.