Change Your Mind

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a comment that Maurice Culley, one of Liz’ coaches, made during a race. “If you want to change the race, change your mind.” I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about this, and after coming at this from a number of angles, I’m convinced its true. I’m not the only one. I just stumbled across a short Wired article title ‘Think Positive and You Will Get Smarter‘. It turns out that Stanford professor Carol Dweck has done a fair amount of research on this subject.

I know, I jumped from an athletic event to intelligence. I think its a logical jump though. Actually, I think its safe to apply this logic to any every area of your life. If you want to do better in a race, then make up your mind and do it. If you want more depth in your relationships, then make up your mind and do it. If you want more satisfaction in your job, more savings, a nicer house… you can change the outcome if you change your mind.

The Association for Christian Character Development (ACCD) says almost the same thing, but they express it in a different way. ACCD asserts that we have exactly what we intend to have. I have the job I want. I look exactly the way I want to look (weight and all, eesh). I have exactly the amount of financial security that I want to have.

I have more to write on this subject, but there’s no need to say it all in one sitting. For now enjoy the fact that you can be smarter if you change your mind. And if you don’t agree then enjoy your stupidity.