Use Your Web

I just read an article that lists Firefox extensions that are supposed to save you time. Some of these are nice tips that genuinely could save time.

I personally don’t like loading up Firefox with plugins because it becomes another list of things to manage. I like simplicity. Many of the things listed in the article can be handled by blummy, which is not a plugin. In fact, it can even be used with Internet Explorer because its just a bookmark. I’ve been using Blummy for a couple of years now, and it definitely saves time. You can save links to in 2 clicks, or send a URL to someone via Gmail, TinyURL a link, submit the link to any social media site you choose, and even more. And its just a link that you bookmark. So you configure it once then use it on any computer that you log into. Linux, Mac, Windows, home, work, anywhere you need it.

So lets recap. Blummy doesn’t need to be installed, can be used anywhere, with any browser, on any computer, and its customizable. Or, install a bunch of plugins that only work in Firefox on your computer. I recognize that it won’t do everything listed in the article, but you can still install the plugins, and the portability more than compensates. In my mind, its a no brainer.