Ham Radio

I’m now in the cool part of my degree plan where we get to start doing cool stuff with the knowledge that we’ve acquired. This semester I joined a team of students that are building a CubeSat satellite, it launches sometime next fall. I’m learning a lot and its totally fun to be working with satellites. My specific piece is the communications system. In order to be qualified to talk to the satellite once its in orbit, I had to get my amateur radio (ham) operator’s license. I took the first test last weekend and am now studying for the next exam. Just this morning I found out my call sign. I am now also known as KE5RMR.

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  1. Wouldn’t that be KE4RMR? I know, the five kind of jacks it up, but its what was assigned to me. Here are some other potentials… “Karma Escaping Five Robotic Mars Rovers”, or maybe “Kamikaze Engineers Five Revolving Moon Rocks”. “Kryptonite’s Eager Five Remote Magma Rangers”. “Kryogenic Estuary Five Rough Mega Roustabout”. I’ll stop now.

  2. Congrats on the ticket. If you need an elmer give me a call. I would be interested in supporting the CubeSat project as well.

    de AA5DF

  3. Thanks. I’m going to take the general class test sometime within the next month. I’ve still never touched a radio, though that’ll probably change as soon as the semester begins. Its a pretty cool project, really. Currently its only open to students, but if that changes I’ll let you know.

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