Bring Radiohead to the 2008 ACL Festival

There was talk a couple of years ago about Radiohead being the ACL festival headliner. With a new release a tour has to be soon to follow. Its time to revive this conversation. To the ACL festival planners, please get Radiohead to headline the 2008 ACL festival! If you agree with me, post a comment and spread this link. Lets do this!

Top 10 Reasons Radiohead should headline the 2008 ACL festival:

  1. The last time Radiohead was in Austin was 1996. They’ve released five full length CD’s since then.
  2. They just released a new CD. They’ve announced that they’re doing a limited number of shows to support it. Austin wants to be one of those shows.
  3. Coldplay did it. So did R.E.M.
  4. The White Stripes backed out this year. Muse + Arcade Fire were a great last minute remedy, but the ACL team still owes us.
  5. Tom Petty and Bob Dylan were great, but lets get some gen-X bands back in the limelight.
  6. Getting Radiohead on the bill will help with getting other big name acts in subsequent years (Sufjan Stevens?, Foo Fighters?, Audioslave?, Beck?, Red Hot Chili Peppers?).
  7. Austin City Limits wants to tape a Radiohead performance.
  8. With 100,000+ people in attendance, this show will be the equivalent of 2-3 other cities.
  9. In Rainbows is phenomenal.
  10. Austin loves Radiohead. Return the love!

7 replies on “Bring Radiohead to the 2008 ACL Festival”

  1. Sounds good to me! I’ve already got my tickets, so I’m going no matter what. Future years always hang in the balance, though. It needs to be a great show every year to get me to come back the next one!

  2. I’d love to see Radiohead live, from what I’ve heard it sounds like they do an amazing show, but somewhere like the Erwin Center (which I’ve actually never been to!). At ACL, the crush of people would be so immense, you wouldn’t be able to see anything unless you camped out there for hours in advance. Of course, if they did the Erwin Center, it would sell out in about two minutes.

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