Road Rage

I got some stitches in my chin yesterday. While I was driving home another driver flew into a rage and chased me down. I’m being vague here intentionally. I debated about whether or not to post this here at all, and finally decided to leave out any identifying details. This isn’t the place for that. If you’re dying to know the full story then call me.

I didn’t want some jerk following me home, so I pulled into a parking lot. At the time violence never even occurred to me. I figured he’d yell at me and I’d apologize and we’d go on with our day. He had a different plan. The driver immediately made it clear that he wasn’t here to resolve anything. He jumped out swinging and came straight for me. I told him I wasn’t going to fight him and I was able to successfully dodge several punches, but he did catch my chin once. By this point people were gathering around and some of them were shouting at him.

I never would have thought that someone would get so angry over traffic, but he wasn’t going to stop until I was bleeding. He even said as much. After he hit me he made a few smug comments like he had been vindicated. It didn’t matter that I apologized. In hindsight I’m not even sure that he told me what my offense was. Crazy.

I’m totally fine, thankfully. I’m a little stunned that something like this would happen in my own neighborhood. I’m told that once my cut heals I won’t even have a scar. I feel pretty fortunate that he didn’t have a weapon. He should feel fortunate that I didn’t.

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  1. Holy cow! Did you by chance get this guy’s license plate number? There CANNOT be any good reason to go that far and I wouldn’t hesitate to get the police involved if I were you… people just can’t go around acting like that and think it’s acceptable.

  2. Wow, I’m completely shocked by this story. That’s scary. I’m curious, did you get his license plate and report him?

  3. Good night, that is scary. I wouldn’t have pulled over, myself, except into a crowded area or police station. I’m glad you’re okay.

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