In Rainbows

This afternoon I downloaded Radiohead’s new release In Rainbows. Its only available for download through their website. You get to pay whatever you want for it. And oh my freaking gosh is it awesome. Its exactly the blissfully melodramatic rock that you’ve been craving. You know how you loved The Bends and went crazy wanting more? And then OK Computer came out and the cycle repeated? Its like that. I’m not even kidding. How could I lie about Radiohead?

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  1. I downloaded it this week. Agreed; blown away over here (and I’m such a music snob!). The first two songs, my feet are tapping away spasmodically.

    Totally brilliant marketing angle, too: stick it to the record company Man with one hand, and the music-“stealing” bitTorrent kids with the other.

  2. It didn’t even occur to me that they snubbed the torrent weenies, but you’re absolutely right. There isn’t much point spreading the music on torrents if you can get it right from the source for free. Good job Radiohead.

  3. I know I already commented on this post but I’m really enjoying this album. I played it for Jan and she likes it too which is saying a lot since she is a bit pickey with her alt rock likings.

    Songs I like a lot are Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, Reckoner, Jigsaw Falling into Place, and Bodysnatchers. Oh, and 15 Step too. I almost have to list all of them! Thanks for the recommendation. I need more please.

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