Shark Attack

I am mesmerized by this clip. I’ve watched it a hundred times on TV (its from Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth series), and now I’ve watched it a hundred more times on YouTube. The force of this attack, and the shark’s tail whipping around are just stunning.

Sharks are such beautiful creatures. I hope you like it as much as I do.

2 replies on “Shark Attack”

  1. Wow! I’ve never seen a shark do that. Stunning indeed. Hats off to the sealion who gave one up for the team so we could see this! 😉

  2. Yeah that seal really had no chance at all. So for some background on the clip (I probably should have included this in my post, because a couple of people have asked), this area is shallow. Seals have been out in the deep sea hunting for most of the day, and to get back to shore they have to swim through this shallow reef. Sharks hang out there at the end of the day because they know that the seals will come through. The seals also know that the sharks are there, so they swim as fast as possible and jump out of the water frequently to avoid the sharks. The Discovery filming team used the same kind of camera that they use to film car crashes to catch this, so that it could be slowed down. In real time the clip would be less than a second in length.

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