Austin City Limits

Today was an amazing day. I have lived in Austin since 1996, which is long enough to proclaim that I’m an Austinite. I have heard for years that its possible to get into a taping of Austin City Limits, I’ve even looked up the steps on the web, but it has never worked out. Until tonight.

One of the girls in my community group works for KLRU and one of the perks of her job is that she periodically gets tickets to Austin City Limits tapings. She sent an email out yesterday, but I was too slow on the draw. One of the other people in my study was faster than me in replying. This afternoon at the last moment she couldn’t make it, so the tickets were up for grabs again. I called my girlfriend right away to make sure that she was available.

Honestly I wouldn’t have cared who was playing, I’ve wanted to get into Austin City Limits for years so I would have gone no matter what. Crowded House was the band. I’ve been a Crowded House fan since I was in high school, “Hey Now” was one of my favorite songs. At one point I had all of their cassettes (I probably still do). When they broke up in the 90’s, I kept up with the Finn Brothers. The point is that it wasn’t just any band, it was someone that I actually enjoy.

The performance was fantastic. They played for about an hour and a half, which was enough time to play through old and new hits. And, they put on a great show. They had to stop about an hour in so that the production crew could change one of the tapes that they were recording on. I thought that was pretty cool, they still record on tape. Cameras were flying throughout the room (I guess its actually called a studio), but we were so focused on the performance that they weren’t really in the way.

The evening was the perfect introduction to the ACL Festival, which kicks off tomorrow. I was super bummed that the White Stripes have backed out. But no matter, its going to be a great weekend.

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  1. Dude! I’m really happy for you getting to experience ACL. And the fact that it was Crowded House is extra cool! I love those guys. I was blessed enough to attend a taping back in 2000 and saw Toni Price and Shelby Lynne. It was a fantastic evening! Have fun at ACL this year. Sorry I will miss out. Don’t leave Liz without her drink for too long! 🙂

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