We went to see the Bourne Ultimatum last weekend. Just as others have said, this movie is fantastic. I know that there were only three books, but they totally left it open for a fourth movie. That got me to thinking. Matt Damon has another good 30-40 years in him, so they could conceivably come out with 5-10 more movies in the Bourne movie franchise. The trick will be to keep this title theme going. Here are some humble suggestions, by yours truly:

  • The Bourne Challenge
  • The Bourne Declaration
  • The Bourne Democracy
  • The Bourne Proviso
  • The Bourne Confrontation
  • The Bourne Assertion
  • The Bourne Retirement
  • The Bourne Senility
  • The Bourne Demise
  • The Bourne Apparition

Some of those may be a stretch, but still…

2 replies on “Bourne”

  1. How about “The Bourne Appetit”


    “The Bourne to Be Your Baby”
    “The Bourne Again”
    “The Bourne With a Silver Spoon in His Mouth”
    “The Bourne Death”

    All dumb. I liked your “The Bourne Retirement” best.

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