The Simpsons

I saw The Simpsons a couple of weeks ago. We went to see it on a Monday night, which I assumed would be less busy. WRONG. We arrived at the theater 20 minutes before showtime, and the only spot that was available was on the front row. Zuh? Granted, we were at the Alamo Drafthouse for a 7pm showing, but still.

Okay, so you’re in your seat and ready for the show. This is a good movie. I laughed. I was suspicious that I wasn’t going to like it because the newer Simpsons episodes haven’t done it for me. They skipped the opening scene and credits, which I like. Everyone knows the theme song by heart now, and the characters, and the whole sequence, so you might as well just start the movie. Okay, so that’s fresh, I’m open to more. The first 30 minutes they go overboard with gags and quick one liners. I became more suspicious.

About an hour into the movie I realized that they had me into the plot. The movie actually has a plot. Woo Hoo! That’s when I knew that I like the movie. Its not a realistic or plausible plot, but you never expected plausibility or realism from The Simpsons anyway, so why should the movie be any different?

One character dies in the movie. I’ll be curious to see if they survive in the TV show. Oh, and there’s brief nudity (HA!). If you think about it for 20 seconds I’ll bet you can figure out who. I thought it was pretty funny.

I’m glad that I saw the movie, I enjoyed it. I know that I’m not giving it a glowing review here, the truth is that I don’t think it is fantastic. I’m not dying to go see it again, but it was worth my $7. If you’ve ever enjoyed the TV show, then its worth seeing once, even if you wait until its out on DVD. I would guess that there’s a good chance I’ll see it again on DVD.