Remember the Johnsons

I’ve just learned that the Austin city council has approved changing the name of Town Lake to “Lady Bird Lake”. I think that’s awesome. Lady Bird did a lot for our city and state, so its just proper for us to remember her. I probably wouldn’t have thought of that, but I like it.

I have also heard of a rumor to change the name of Bergstrom International Airport to Johnson International Airport, to honor Lyndon Johnson. Apparently someone is in a huff because Reagan and Bush have airports in major cities named after them, and Johnson is left only with a National Park, a lake, a couple of radio stations, a city, a hospital, a library & museum, a high school and a graduate school.

I think its safe to say that President Johnson will not be forgotten. What about remembering Bergstrom?

There’s a dose of irony here. Bergstrom Air Force Base was originally named Del Valle Army Air Base. In 1943 congressman Lyndon B. Johnson convinced the Army to change the name of the base to Bergstrom Army Air Field, to honor Captain John August Earl Bergstrom, who was the first Austinite killed in WWII.

I’ll try to be careful here, because I really am a fan of President Johnson. His list of accomplishments is admirable, and I certainly respect his service to his country and the Texas community. But, considering the lengths that we’ve already gone to in preserving his name, wouldn’t it be more honorable to continue the remembrance of a fallen soldier? You know, the never forget thing. I hope there are still some Bergstroms in town that are willing to raise their voices.

Most of my readers are in Austin, what are your thoughts? Weigh in with your opinion.

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  1. Keep it Bergstrom!! I agree that LBJ’s name and accomplishments have been appropriately honored and memorialized. Captain Bergstrom died for our country, the least we can do is preserve the tribute to his sacrifice that LBJ himself lobbied for!

  2. I’m not a Lyndon Johnson fan. From what I gather, he was a fascist, nepotist power junkie who, given the option to either nix on further commitment to South Vietnam or escalate, chose the latter and gave us a good chunk of seven or eight more years of pointless carnage, and may well have had a hand in JFK’s assassination. He can bite me.

    But that’s just me. 🙂

  3. I caught part of The Fog of War on TV recently, which is an interview with Robert McNamara. It was pretty interesting to me. I always had a similar view to yours, though maybe not as strong. McNamara’s interview was pretty good though, and it kind of softened my view of Johnson.

  4. Yeah, the whole “military-industrial complex” and all that. Evidently, every president after Eisenhower has felt compelled to feed the monster in some form or another. And since Johnson is to Vietnam as Bush is to Iraq, I have similar sentiments toward our current warmonger.

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