I recently posted about how much I enjoyed seeing a movie with an encouraging and uplifting message, a movie with substance. Since then I’ve seen no less than three movies with considerably less substance, and I’ve enjoyed them as well.

A couple of week’s ago we decided on sushi and a movie for date night, and Ocean’s Thirteen was the choice. You know to expect from this movie, some witty banter between George Clooney and Brad Pitt, a few funny quips from Bernie Mac and snide ones from Al Pacino, progressive jazz riffs in the background, all set in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. You’re right, that’s exactly what it is. I loved it. Ocean’s Thirteen may be predictable, but its fun. We both laughed all the way through. You will, too.

Next up, I went to see Live Free or Die Hard with some of the guys in my bible study. Its totally a summer blockbuster, but I loved it. Its completely predictable, just as the other movies in the Die Hard franchise have been, but it also totally delivers on fantastic action. There were about 427 scenes where characters should have died but didn’t, followed by another 427 scenes with action shots that are physically impossible, but somehow the story line is strong enough to carry the movie in spite of these shortcomings. At the end of the night, I felt like I had gotten my money’s worth. If you’re a sucker for action I bet you’ll give it two thumbs up.

Finally, this past Monday I went to see Transformers. Once again, its totally a summer blockbuster. If you’re willing to overlook things like dialog and plot then you’ll likely enjoy it. The special effects are fantastic. The Autobots and Decepticons look great. They show them outside in the sunlight, in dark buildings and they never look like CGI. The imagery is seamless and realistic enough to be plausible (apart from the fact that its physically impossible). As a treat, one of the Autobots disguises himself as a new Camaro, so you’ll see some footage of a sweet car. I do like this movie. Lets just say it won’t be nominated for an academy and leave it at that.

What is it about predictable escapist movies? I can’t say they’re my favorite, but I definitely enjoy them. If you had to pick only one out of these three, I’d say either Ocean’s Thirteen or Live Free or Die Hard depending on your taste. But, you could definitely do worse than Transformers (Sicko, for example).

I’m going to have to find a movie with some substance to cleanse myself. Feel free to make recommendations.

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  1. Hi David, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Sounds like we have a similar perspective on Transformers, though you definitely gave a more in depth review.

  2. I would not recommend Knocked Up whether you are looking substance or not looking for substance. I thought it might be good since it got such great reviews but it was pretty filthy and I wish we had not seen it. I’ll have to research the next movie more before I take the plunge.

    We did see Ocean’s 13 and loved it. What style! It’s totally a movie you’d dig of course because of the M, M, and W music (assuming that was them).

  3. We didn’t see Knocked Up, but we did see The 40 Year Old Virgin, which was done by the same people. It never quite crossed the line, but it did dance all over the line. At the end of the night we wished that we had seen something else.

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