Less of Me

I’m now two weeks into my new and improved diet and exercise plan, and its working. I’ve lost about 4 lbs (3 point something, but who’s counting?) since I started, which is right on target with my goal of two pounds per week. But I’ve seen some more meaningful results as well.

  • No more lower back pain – It had been so long since my last workout that I was soft like a jelly donut. Sitting in a chair all day caused a persistent dull pain my lower back. Two trips to the gym fixed that.
  • Better sleep – I generally sleep pretty well, well enough that I wasn’t concerned about it. But it was pretty common for me to stay up late watching TV. Now I’m wiped out by 11:30, and I don’t wake up once through the night. This was an unanticipated benefit.
  • Increased energy – Now that I’m working out, its just easier to get around. I don’t get winded going up & down stairs or cycling and I’m generally more alert throughout the day.

I’m focusing on reducing my portions at meals, so I’m generally hungry now. I offset this with small snacks throughout the day, which is supposed to keep my metabolism up. I think (hope) this will just be an adjustment while my body acclimates to receiving less food.

A buddy and I made a bet to each lose 15 lbs. If I don’t, I’ll have to detail his truck. If he doesn’t, then he’ll have to be my personal chauffeur throughout the ACL festival weekend. This is just extra incentive. I’m on the path, and I’m excited about there being less of me.