The Green Cards

Last Saturday night we went to Threadgill’s to see The Green Cards. The show was outside on their front lawn, and it was fantastic. I had heard a couple of their songs on KGSR, but had never listened to a CD or seen them live. I really enjoyed it. As soon as they came on stage and began to play, I realized that I’ve met Eamon, the fiddler.

Back around 1999 or 2000, a friend of mine named Bryan invited most of my group of friends over for a big birthday bash. Bryan is kind of an eclectic artist type, so his party was populated with several other interesting eclectic artist types as well. He had invited some of them to bring their instruments to play bluegrass music in his living room during the party.

While there I met a fiddle player that had come to Austin from Britain (I think) because all his life he wanted to play bluegrass music. At the time he was playing with Ray Wylie Hubbard. I remember him because I remember thinking what a cool person he was to meet randomly at a friend’s birthday party.

Their show on Saturday was fantastic. They interacted with the audience quite a bit, which was fun. At one point Carol (bassist and lead singer) commented that the crowd was so quiet. I didn’t respond, but I remember thinking “there’s so much going on in your music, I want to hear it all.” There were a couple of witty comments throughout the show as well. The played for just under two hours.

During the encore, Rich Brotherton (plays guitar with Robert Earl Keen) came out for one song. He was also fantastic, he kept up with everyone’s speed and variety, smiling the whole time. One year at ACL Robert Earl Keen was playing, and B-Dub told me to pay attention to the guitar player. Next time I see Robert Earl, my eyes and ears will be on him. That dude can play!

After the show the band was milling about in the crowd, so I went up to Eamon to say hello. I congratulated him on a great performance, and he said “you were sitting over here (pointing to the area I was sitting), weren’t you?” Yep, he got it right, he remembered where I was sitting during the show. We had a light, fun conversation for about another minute before another fan wanted to visit, too, so I walked on.

The whole thing was a blast. We even ran into B-Dub’s parents before the show started. We didnt’ get to visit for very long, but they got to meet my girlfriend, which was cool. It was a great kick-off to my spring break.