I’m picking up writing for my blog again after a break for the holidays. Mine were great, I really enjoying seeing family and having some down time to enjoy life. It wasn’t my intent to wait a couple of weeks before posting something here. I originally planned to write a couple of long entries, but when the time to write came my heart wasn’t in it.

After returning home from Colorado, my girl & I spent Christmas Eve with my family, and it was really fun. I missed seeing my grandma, which I was a little bummed about, but I really enjoyed time with my brothers. As always it was too short, but we had a great time together. True to form, my Mom had the holiday feast set out for easy grabbing. I was able to give some really fun gifts, and I got some really good ones, too.

Christmas day we went to my girlfriend’s family, and this was also a blast. Way more food than anyone could eat, lots of fun visiting with her family, playing with children. Once again I received some great gifts that I wasn’t expecting. It was awesome.

In the week between Christmas and New Years we got to see my Dad and some of my aunts & uncles, which was also fun. We all went to a fancy burger joint for lunch, and I think I had the biggest burger I’ve ever eaten. I think the patty was a half pound or something like that. Later that night my aunt Mary beat us all at dominoes and enjoyed taunting us through the entire game. She won’t win next time…

For New Year’s Eve we spent the night at my girlfriend’s parent’s house, along with her brothers and their families. We did some small fireworks with the kids, which was pretty fun. Once the children went to bed we broke out the cocktails and played poker. I didn’t get my $5 back, I over-estimated one hand and gave most of my money to my girlfriend’s Mom. It was still a total blast, and the game lasted a lot longer than any of us expected.

One night we went to see Night at the Museum, which I also really enjoyed. It isn’t as funny to me as Meet the Parents, but its still classic Ben Stiller.

Originally I thought I’d post some of the gifts that I received, but honestly it was a bit overboard this year. I got some really nice gifts, and I also had fun giving some nice gifts. At the end of it all I sort of feel materialistic. I totally appreciate everything that I got, and I’ll put it all to good use, I just wasn’t expecting Christmas to be this big this year.

Add it all up, and I’m feeling pretty spoiled. I’ve added a couple of pounds from all of the holiday food, and I’m sporting some new things that I probably never would have purchased for myself. It really was a great holiday.