School’s over. My finals ended on Saturday night at 10pm, and I was on a plane bound for Denver by Sunday at 3pm. This week I’m with my Dad. Man is it ever good to be done for the semester.

The weather in Colorado has been fantastic. Highs are in the 30’s, lows are in the teens, which is perfect if you want to sit around the house in your pj’s all day (I do). On Tuesday night the weatherman predicted 36 hours of snowfall, starting on Wednesday morning, and he was right on the nose. I’m telling you, I’m loving it!

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, it had already started, and by noon it was clear that this was going to be a heck of a lot of snow. And it is SO unbelievably gorgeous. Luckily I was smart enough to remember to bring my camera, so I’ve been taking pictures regularly.

Snowy Tree

There has been so much snowfall that schools, retail shops, roads and the airport have all closed. The whole place is shutting down. Its all under the guise of safety, but its common knowledge that everyone wants to go out and play in it. Sure, its more safe to not have to travel in these conditions, but enjoying the scenery and sledding are much more fun.

Snowy Forrest

This is what I’m doing with my day, enjoying the snowfall. Both of these pictures were taken this morning, within a couple of steps of my Dad’s house. This is what Christmas is supposed to be like.

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday this much, too! These two are the best pictures, in my opinion, but I’ve posted several others to my flickr page, if you’re interested.

3 replies on “Blizzard”

  1. man .. this snow is a joke compared to the snow we are having in TX. Yesteday, I couldn’t open my door cuz of all the snow … lol .. this is awesome .. enjoy ..

  2. Wow, now THAT is a White Christmas! Neat pictures… the time lapse series of the outside table is hecka cool. I guess you got there before the blizzard hit? We’ve been hearing about it, for sure.

  3. @Ammar
    HA! Now that’s funny. All that vector calculus is getting to your head, Ammar. Even rocket scientists know that it doesn’t snow in Austin.

    Isn’t it freaking gorgeous? I’m loving it. I was stranded in the house for about a day, while it was snowing like crazy. Once the snow broke I got out and started taking pictures. I can’t tell you how fun it has been to get to be here for a snow storm.

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