The end of my semester is here, and its crunch time. I have a mountain of things to do, and my brain is tired. I’m having a hard time focusing, honestly. I have spent the past several days in the books, and my eyes just can’t take it anymore.

Tonight’s task is a Linear Systems assignment on Laplace Transforms. I understand the basic concepts and application. My homework doesn’t seem that difficult, but I can’t get my pencil to do anything productive. I’ve written down some equations, and know the next step for each problem, but it just isn’t happening.

I’m feeling some stress about the end of the semester, so I’m sure that’s a contributor. I have three exams later this week. Structural Analysis on Thursday night, a take home exam for Linear systems that’s due on Friday afternoon, and finally a Fluid Mechanics exam on Friday night. That’s a lot of complex material for a 48 hour period.

Sometimes a quick break helps me out, so I’m hoping that by pausing to write for a minute that I’ll be able to get through it quickly when I resume my studies.

Apart from the stress associated with exams, life is generally well. As soon as my semester ends I’m headed to Colorado for a week with my Dad. I’m really looking forward to that. He and I both have to work while I’m there, but it will still be good to get out of town for a bit, and I imagine we’ll find time for a hike or fishing or something.

That’s enough of an update for now. I gotta get back to work.

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  1. Thanks Beth. You’ll be glad to know that I eventually was able to make my pencil get some work done. I’m really happy about the semester being almost over.

  2. u left the test early … either u knew it all, or never at all … c do well .. fine… but dont be the one tht raises the curve!
    : P

  3. I wrote everything I knew to write. I didn’t answer all of them, but after going over my notes for about 15 mins after getting as far as I could with each problem, staring at the page longer wasn’t going to help.

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