Why I Love Austin, Part XIV

Today I’m particularly thankful for our warm climate, and for the fact that we have a gorgeous lake in town. I love it that Lake Austin is 20 minutes from my house in rush hour traffic. If you like doing stuff outside, Austin is practically nirvana.

In a spontaneous flee from responsibility, a friend and I hit the water at 4:30 this afternoon. Its a mere two days away from December, and I went wake surfing today.

I know what you’re thinking. Of course it was cold. I didn’t have a wetsuit, so I just had to endure the chilly water. It was still a blast, and I’d gladly go again tomorrow. The truth is that once you got in and acclimated to the cold, it was fine.

I know that Minnesota is the land of lakes, but can they ski 11 months out of the year?