I Like Hybrids

I just stumbled across something VERY cool. I’ve been a vocal fan of hybrid technology for a while. Apart from being more economical, I think its just good business. Having said that, I have to admit that while the technology is very apealing, many of the hybrid vehicles available on the market are less attractive than their conventional counterparts.

Take a look at one of Toyota’s new concept vehicles. Its called the Volta, and its packed with cool technology.

Toyota Volta

Italian supercar comes to mind, yes?

The normal stats are a 408hp V6, 0-60 in a mere 4 seconds and over 30 MPG. What makes this car cool (as if what I just listed wasn’t enough) is that it has an electric engine for each axle, carbon fiber body and “drive-by-wire” controls.

Kudos to Toyota for making hybrid technology sexy. The Green Dragon is jealous. Very, very, very cool. For more, click.

3 replies on “I Like Hybrids”

  1. When I have money .. I will be more than glad to pay all the money to treat my turboS porsche, the one that I will buy when I have enough money, with good gas, the one that I will drive in the way to the airport to take my special pitt in a ride.(ya … I dream a lot, wht do u think I do in struc. A?!)
    See … these cars are cool… but will never ever replace a real engine reving at 8000 rpm … I am telling u
    : ))

  2. A turbo Porshe and a Pitts? Nice! I like. Personally, I’d opt for a convertible Corvette and a Sukhoi SU-31. But those are some nice choices just the same. We’ll need some phat cash to get these toys, but I’m willing. 🙂

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