The Green Dragon

I’m finally getting around to posting images and stats on my car. I’ve been driving it for three weeks now, and its cool.

I was having coffee with a friend when he asked me if I had named it yet. I usually don’t name my cars, though I can’t explain why. No, I said, I haven’t named it yet. He said its so small that I should come up with an aggressive name for it so that people don’t think I’m meek. Sensing that my masculinity was in jeopardy I asked if he had any suggestions. He thought for a minute and said, you should call it The Green Dragon. Very nice, I thought. Very nice.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Green Dragon.

The Green Dragon

So, I have to admit, it probably doesn’t intimidate anyone. But, here’s the cool part, it is totally ruthless at the gas pump. 36 miles per gallon. That’s more than double what I was getting with my pickup! And, less than $30 to fill it up. Take THAT Texaco! Is your car this fierce?

I like driving it. After a decade in an F-150 I’m still not quite used to being this low to the ground. At stop lights I’m usually eye level with other car’s tail-lights. Check out this next picture. The Green Dragon is barely level with the bed rails of my pickup. I have to look UP to the doorhandles.

The Green Dragon

I’m digging having a sunroof. Not a single day has passed that I haven’t opened it. So that 36 MPG is with the windows down and sunroof open. At this stage in its life, it isn’t exactly a sports car, but I does have some pep, and since its so light it can fly through the turns. Its pretty fun to drive, actually.

I put a cheapo stereo in it, and also found an inexpensive way to hook my iPod up. So in addition to the sunroof and zippy turns, I’m rocking out while at the wheel. And if the whole thing went up in a ball of flames tomorrow morning, I’d sell it for scrap and get almost what I paid for it. I’m telling you, its great. Its the best disposable car I’ve ever owned. Straight up. And if you read in the papers that Exxon executives are being laid off, you’ll know it was the work of…

The Green Dragon

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  1. You crack me up. I love the name but I have to ask, is the car really green? 😉 Anyway, the frugal person in me admires your actions and reasoning behind this purchase.

  2. Hi Jan. You’re right to question the color, its actaully teal. But, to call it The Teal Dragon would defeat the purpose of having an aggressive name. Besides, I myself am generally not a fan of extended color names or the distinction between shades of a color. Teal is green, plum is purple, arctic tundra is white, etc. Its just easier that way.

  3. Very nice! And with a sun roof/moon roof to boot, you should totally be sporting this sweet ride everywhere. I like Brandon’s comment about Gila Monster too.

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