Welcome Back

I haven’t blogged in a while. Mostly I’ve been busy. I’m working as many hours as possible before school slams me, so that I have some cash through the rest of the year. I also haven’t really felt as much like blogging lately, though I can’t explain why.

I still love my job. I work with a great team, my boss is fantastic, and the work is varied and interesting. Its been six years since I’ve had a job that I fully captured my attention. I feel pretty fortunate. And, because I’ve been working so much lately, I actually have some financial margin again. Remember a couple of months ago when I was flat broke? God is good.

This fall semester I’m taking some heavy material, so I’m not sure how much bandwidth I’ll have for blogging. It feels pretty danged good to be challenged academically and keep up. I have struggled with this degree at points along the way, but I’m still in it. I’m going to be a rocket scientist. My perspective on this goal has changed over time, but I still think its pretty freakin cool to be able to understand why something that weighs more than my house can travel near the speed of sound, or why satellites don’t fall to the ground.

I recently bought Sea Change by Beck. I am speechless. I’ve been a distant fan for years, but I had this perception that he’s too “out there” for me to fully embrace his music. Sea Change is more relaxed than his other efforts, which highlights his depth and diversity. His guitar work, simple and powerful on its own, is accentuated by some nice other instruments. I know I heard a dulcimer at one point. And his vocals and lyrics are icing on the cake. You have to hear “Sunday Sun”. I’m now a fan.

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  1. Welcome Back. Glad you are back for the time that you. I hope that school doesn’t keep you SO busy that you can’t blog. It’s my way to keep in touch with what Chris is doing. Besides, the fact that I have run into three times in one month blew my mind. So stay around… if you can.

  2. @Rusty
    I’m not going anywhere. I don’t have the time to write multiple postings per week, but my blog is not vanishing. I’m a blogger at heart.

    It was fun to hang at ACL Fest! You should hear the rest of Beck’s CD, too. I’ve been playing it on my iPod non-stop.

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