Over Now

After leaving my last company, I still had the chore of collecting my last paycheck. The management team is notorious for creativity in non-payment, so it wasn’t easy. I finally started contacting attorneys and preparing for a lawsuit.

The process of a trial is unbelievably draining. I avoid conflict by nature anyway, so arguing in front of a judge does not sound like fun to me. My anxiety level has been pretty high over the past few weeks as I prepared.

Once I was certain that I had a case, I sent the management team a letter with a proposed payment plan and gave them two weeks to reply. It only took them one day. The CEO wrote a brusque reply saying that I would be paid immediately, chastised me for threatening legal action and reminded me that I was never an employee.

I have to admit, I was pretty tempted to post my letter and his reply here. I think most of my readers would get a kick out of it. I finally realized that the only thing in his entire note that matters to me is the fact that I’m getting paid. I’m glad that this is over.

For a complete twist of events, my new boss got me a sweet birthday present! Not only does he pay me on time, there’s an unexpected gift! This came on the tails of the terse exchange mentioned above, so the fact that he wanted to give me anything at all floored me. But, its not just any gift, he did some research and got me something he new I’d like.

God is good. I’ve been praying about my job and paychecks for literally over a year. The intensity of my prayers has increased over the past month while preparing for a legal battle. He answers by giving me a job, paying me in full and giving me gifts.

Next time you catch me having little faith, send me a link to this post. Seriously.

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  1. I’m glad you did not post the letter. It would probably infuriate me. Good for you for doing what you did! Because both parties signed a mutual contract with explicit payment terms, I’m sure you had a good case. If a company doesn’t pay someone for services rendered what do they expect?! In the back of company management’s mind, they’ve got to realize that their unpaid contractors taking legal action is a very certain possibility.

  2. Thanks for the support, friend. I’m really glad that we didn’t go to trial, I would have been a wreck. His willingness to send a check right away begs the question, why on earth didn’t he just pay me to begin with?

  3. Sweet. I always knew there was a side to you that I haven’t seen. A Supporting Friend told me of this post so I had to come over here and check this out. I don’t the full story but I am glad that you are getting your money. So when are you taking us all to Dave and Busters?

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