You already know I’m a Radiohead fan. I’ve loved them for years, OK Computer has been in heavy rotation since I purchased it earlier this year. Lead singer Thom Yorke was interviewed by Terry Gross earlier this week on NPR‘s Fresh Air. It was a great interview, you should listen to it.

The interview jogged my memory, I recalled seeing them in 1993. I can’t remember the name of the venue, but they played at a civic center that’s just off of South Congress and Academy (its some type of business now). They were on tour for the newly released Pablo Honey, and they weren’t even the headliner. They opened for Belly, which was the band I really wanted to see. It was a great show, Radiohead put on a great performance, and Belly was fantastic.

Sometime after hearing the interview, in my random surfing, I pulled up the wiki for Belly. From there I pulled up the wiki for Tanya Donelly. BOOM, it hit me. She was one of the founding members of the band Throwing Muses.

I have known of Throwing Muses for years. I have had two good friends that really like their music, the high school friend that I saw Radiohead and Belly with, and Micah. I have no idea why I’ve never heard any of their music. Belly was a great band. I also enjoyed The Breeders in their day.

Now I’m ready, I want to hear Throwing Muses. Its pretty funny to me that I like most of the derivative bands that came from them, but I’ve never heard one of their songs.

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  1. Wow, funny you should mention that! 🙂

    (Parenthetical remark: did you know Thom Yorke just came out with a solo album?)

    Belly’s Star outsold all Throwing Muses albums put together, before and since, so plenty of people have heard Belly but not Throwing Muses. Throwing Muses are not quite as immediately catchy as Belly, but have far more depth in the songwriting department, IMHO. Kristin Hersh is an unbelievably brilliant guitarist and songwriter. Best places to start: The Real Ramona (the last album of the Donnelly era, and containing the two best songs she ever wrote), and University.

  2. @Micah
    I knew that Thom Yorke was coming out with a solo album, but I wasn’t sure if it had already been released or not. Terry Gross played a couple of tracks from it, its much more electronic than anything he’s done in the past, but I liked it.

    I’ll try The Real Ramona and let you know what I think.

    Is Hunkpapa a band? I did a web search and didn’t come up with anything. If so, I’ve never heard of them before, but I really like the band name.

  3. Not quite the same genre but Ive always been impartial to U2 and the stone roses. Radiohead are one of those classics which will always remain fresh though. I’ve always been fond of their music, particularly the 1995 album The Bends.

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