Happy Go Lucky

I try to make a point of not talking about my job here, mostly because this is not about work, its about me. But, my job has not been very fun for the past several months. Its not so much the work, really, its the management. I have chosen to stick with it because they are very flexible with my schedule. But all of that changed in the blink of any eye. I didn’t even see it coming.

Last week B-Dub mentioned to me that his brother-in-law was looking for summer help, so I called him. We had a very encouraging talk on the phone. Then a great interview. And then I started working there. All over a matter of 3 days. I still have a little more to do at my old position, but I’m almost done.

Here’s the cool part, the work is awesome. And, I can work from anywhere. Coffee shops, campus, a park bench, anywhere. Somehow I landed in a job that’s even more flexible than the one I had before. And now my boss isn’t even really like my boss. He’s such a neat guy that its more like working with a friend.

I’m excited, and I feel like a whole new person. This is what it feels like to smile :). Say hello to the now happier-than-ever-before-in-2006 Lenwood.

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  1. Its nice having a fun job. My job is part-time (im a college student), but i set my own hours, and even though the work is tedious, i do enjoy my job. The pay is descent, so when i look at the pay versus work, i cant complain 🙂

  2. Sweet! So glad to hear that you are happier. Welcome to the club – you know which one I’m talking about.

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