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Today was a crazy day. I had a 1967 Ford Bronco until this afternoon. I’ve been intending to sell it for a while, kind of dragging my feet about it because I didn’t really want to get rid of it. It doesn’t run, but its just cool. Silly, I know, but that’s me.

So, after much hesitation, I posted a listing on Craigslist. No pictures, just a few paragraphs describing the truck with my asking price. I posted the ad at 1:30.

I started getting emails right away. Two hours later, a guy was in my garage looking at it. By 4:30 I had a wad of cash and my truck was gone. The guy paid my asking price.

I know that selling was the right thing to do. As a working student, I don’t have the time or resources for a project car that doesn’t run. Part of me is glad that its gone, its one less thing that I have to deal with.

Trucks are one of the coolest things ever. Ask any two year old boy and he’ll tell you (some of us never outgrow it). And, while I generally am a car enthusiast and like all types of cars, old trucks are high on my list of favorites. I’m gonna’ miss that Bronco.

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  1. I’m glad to hear Craigslist is good for selling cars. (Or, at least, antiques that don’t run!) I browsed it and there were so many listed, it looked like it was going to be hard to find buyers. I’m getting ready to sell my first and only car I’ve ever owned, ol’ Bertha the ’94 Plymouth Laser with no AC, because Deidra’s Dad is handing us down one of their cars.

  2. I agree with the notion that Craigslist “Just Works” as Leonardo would say. I sold my jet ski in 24 hours, and a Pier 1 desk in literally 30 minutes one day.

  3. @Micah
    Here’s the trick to successfully selling something on CL, from my experience.

    First, be only half interested in selling the item. This is important, as there appears to be an inverse relationship between the speed of the transaction and your desire to unload the goods. The more urgent you are to sell, the longer it’ll take. In my case, I didn’t even really want to get rid of my truck, and it was gone a mere four hours after my initial listing.

    Second, post a short description of the item, and be sure to not include a picture. Being vague is good, it will generate interest in your item. People won’t have a clear understanding of what they’re missing out on. And the more people that call to settle their curiosity, the higher the chances of you closing a sale.

    Third, when someone does show up to look at it, tell them that you’ve already been contacted by a few other interested parties. This will trigger an almost insticntive reaction, and they’ll close the deal just to keep from letting it slip.

    That was my experience anyway. I hope it helps.

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