Beautiful Win2K

I’m in the process of getting my older laptop ready to sell. Its kind of a long process , but it has has been a fun project because I get to geek out on operating systems for a little while.

I’ve decided to sell it with Ubuntu as the operating system. I don’t want to give up any of my Windows licenses, and it’ll be worth more if it has an operating system on it. I picked Ubuntu because its getting a lot of press these days, and it even looks kind of cool.

In one of the intermediate steps, I had to install Windows on it again so that I could create some disks (long story), so for the sake of speed I installed an old version of Windows 2000.

Man, I miss W2K. Its simple enough that it just works great all the time. And solid enough that when applications get fussy the operating system doesn’t panic. I know Windows XP is supposed to have these same features, but it isn’t the same.

As much as I gripe about Microsoft, they got it right with W2K. I installed it on this very laptop when I first purchased it, and it lasted for 3 years without any difficulties. I think Windows NT 4.0 was the only other Microsoft O/S that I’ve had that success with. Heck, maybe I’ll load it on my new system, too.

I’m looking forward to tinkering with Ubuntu. It’ll be cool to have a bit of a chance to play with a new flavor of Linux while I’m doing all of this work. I’ll post again once I get it running, should be fun.