Last year I started a progression of blog entries about my theology shifting, and promised to write more about that. Right after that I fell in love with the coolest girl ever and my life has started to change in accordance. Theology couldn’t hold my attention while I was in the throes of young love.

I recently came across SHIFT_theology again, and realized that its a thought progression which is worthy of some consideration. I need to pick that back up.

This ties in nicely with some things in my personal life, too. Early this year I went on a personal retreat to the hillcountry to spend some time in prayer about my life. School had been kicking me in the teeth for about a year, I wasn’t doing well at all. So I had to come to grips with that. And then the part about meeting the coolest girl ever and our future and all that that entails. Life is messy, and I was disconnected.

So you can see, I’ve had some distractions. Something had to change, and I wasn’t finding any answers.

Here’s the main thing, I think. For a long time I thought of Christ, or faith, as something that I *did*. I drive a truck. I eat BBQ. And I worship Christ. And when it was time to worship Christ, I went to church. And while I lived a moral life and was respectful of those around me, Christ wasn’t someone I knew, he was something on my to do list.

Now, I think I had that all wrong. Jesus isn’t a task. My life should not be structured around this set of activities which I ascribe to Him.

So on my retreat I prayed through some stuff. Big stuff, like school and my girlfriend and my career, and how God fits in with all that. I came away with some specific answers to specific questions, which is huge. I think maybe 10% of my prayers are answered, so it was really encouraging and motivating that He chose to answer these prayers.

The result? An amazing thing has happened. Its just overwhelming.

There are the tangible results like me doing well in school and having a great relationship with my girlfriend and not stressing about my finances. But the really good stuff is not tangible. I can’t explain it, other than to say that I’m doing better than I have in maybe 6 or 8 years. I feel more freedom to love the people around me. Life has meaning and wonder again.

I don’t know why God works the way that He does. I’m just glad that I stopped to ponder my life and pray through my priorities. And I would encourage you to do the same.

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  1. This is why I love you. I am so blessed to be in a relationship with a man who has the desire and ability to articulate the deepest emotions of his heart and developments in his faith. Oh yeah, you can also fix my car if it breaks, show me how to configure my iPod, and change the derailleur on my bike. That’s pretty cool, too.

  2. I just stumbled on your blog today looking for information about Ubuntu. Then I started reading your views on Theology. You have a very mature view and I think you have it right. The guy on the street corner, yelling at people going by, is NOT bringing people to Christ. If anything, he’s one of the reasons that the word Christian has left a bad taste in peoples mouths for the past 30 years or so. It all comes down to the definetion of the Greek word Agape. Not a feeling, but a choice to give yourself to others, for their good, expecting nothing in return. Unselfishness. And if you share that with others, it will make them ask the question “what is it that makes you the way you are?” THAT’s what evangelism is all about.

    It sounds like you and Liz have a great thing. I’m glad God has blessed you with a good woman.

    I don’t know if you get access to the emails when these are posted, but I wouldn’t mind having a descussion with you, if you want to. It’ll help me shapen my skills and maybe focus us both in His direction more.

  3. Hi PapaSmurph, thanks for posting on my blog. You’re right, Liz is awesome. I appreciate your encouragement. Evangelism works so much better when we’re trying to be the right person, rather than trying to pitch Jesus.

  4. I think it’s definitely more about letting your life speak than about pitching. I’m glad you were able to find so much. It’s amazing what can happen when we just stop for a while.

  5. It is cool when the Spirit moves in this way… there will always be peaks and valleys, trust in Him and He will guide you through them and teach you along the way.

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